ENSA Certified Training

   All Phase Training is proud to partner with ENSA North America.

All of ENSA's world renowned work-at-height safety rescue training courses are now available at All Phase Training.  Which include Telecom, Wind, General Industry & Construction, Suspended Platform, and Manufacturer Specific Training Programs. In addition, All Phase is a GWO approved training facility, through ENSA.

ENSA North America professionals are committed to a strong company training policy that adheres to our “4D” philosophy, which conforms to BWEA guidelines and ANSI Z490.1 training criteria. We work directly with employees and managers in designing, developing, deploying and delivering (4D) world- class training that results in a safety culture that supports your corporate mission.

Rope Access Training

Why You Need SPRAT Certification;  Why it’s So Important.

The development of rope access for industrial services like structural inspections, factory chimney repair, refineries, offshore and onshore rigs, wind farms, and hundreds of other jobs has not only increased safety standards for the technicians working at height, it has also provided a cost-effective way for companies to deal with repairs and inspections on their company assets.  For businesses that offer industrial services, having technicians that are SPRAT certified will provide instant recognition and credibility for high safety standards, affordable prices, and quick response times.


All Phase Training provides industrial, wind and telecom safety and rescue training for rope access, competent climber, work at heights, and confined space training.  In addition, we offer GWO, ENSA, PEC Safeland/Safegulf, First Aid, OSHA, and many more safety courses.  The rope and safety courses we offer are available to those who wish to work at heights safely, follow all safety standards and regulations, and solve operational issues effectively and efficiently with simple rigging solutions in order to perform work or rescues in hard-to-reach areas.